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Below is a comprehensive list of the services offered by Determigene.

Paternity Testing
Standard Test  Ideally the mother, child, and alleged father are tested. However, accurate paternity results can be determined by testing only the child and alleged father(s). This is the most common test purchased.
Fatherless Test (Alleged father unavailable for testing)  In these types of cases we offer several solutions. From testing close relatives of the alleged father to testing a non-standard sample* such as a toothbrush, licked envelope, soda can, etc., we can help you find the answer you are looking for!
Prenatal Testing  If you are pregnant and would like to determine who the father of your baby is prior to his/her birth you might consider Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing as an answer.

Other DNA Testing Services
Immigration DNA Testing  From the moment you learn that you may need DNA testing to satisfy immigration requirements, we are here to help you.
Infidelity Testing  Determigene offers Semen Detection and Infidelity tests. This test is used in a variety of situations, most notably divorce proceedings.
Siblingship Analysis  Proves whether tested parties are full siblings, half siblings, or unrelated.
Twin Zygosity  Order this DNA test if you are looking to determine if you are a Fraternal or Identical twin.
Ancestry  Our Ancestry DNA Test will provide you with a simple and objective description of your ancestral origins. The test gives you an estimated percentage of ancestry from four population groups.
DNA Safeguarding  With DNA Safeguarding, you are guaranteed that your child's DNA is properly stored under ideal conditions. Our staff is well trained in the proper storage and security of your child's DNA, ensuring the sample will be useable should an emergency occur.

* - If a nonstandard sample is used, the test results will not be court admissable.
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