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Infidelity Testing

Determigene offers Semen Detection and Infidelity tests. While the two tests are separate, they often go hand-in-hand. The semen detection test is utilized to test for the presence of semen/sperm. If sperm or semen is detected, an infidelity test is performed to identify a genetic match or mismatch of a semen/sperm sample. This test is used in a variety of situations, most notably divorce proceedings.

How Semen Detection & Infidelity Testing Works:

Step 1: A semen detection test is done to test a stain on an article of clothing for the presence of semen.
Step 2: If the stain is found to be semen you can request an infidelity test.
Step 3: You will need to submit a sample along with a sample of the person who wore the garment. It is also very helpful if you can submit a sample of the suspect.
Step 4: The stain will be extracted and separated into male and female portions.
Step 5: These portions will be compared to the samples you submitted.This will give a result as to whether the semen sample is a genetic match to any of the submitted DNA samples.

Sperm Detection Test Semen Detection

This test needs to be done prior to an 'Infidelity' case. Each additional item to be tested costs $275.00 (when submitted with original).

Our Price: $275.00
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Infidelity Test DNA Detection

Purchase our 'DNA Detection' and we will run your article through a DNA detection process (Meaning, will try to see if there are DNA profiles on your item).
Our Price: $295.00
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Infidelity Test DNA Comparison

Purchase our 'DNA Comparision' and we will process 1 control sample sent in by you to the DNA Detection above.
Our Price: $295.00
Determigene: Buy Now!

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