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DNA Test for Safeguarding

DNA SafeguardingTM

The most recent statistics available tell a terrible story. More than 58,000 children are abducted by non-family members annually. While no one can fully guarantee your child's safety, DNA Safeguarding for children will keep you prepared should such a tragedy strike.

DNA Safeguarding, in addition to traditional methods of identifying a child, is a superior way to identify and locate your child using their DNA sample. Unlike photos, your child's DNA will remain consistent throughout their lifetime.

With DNA Safeguarding, you are guaranteed that your child's DNA is properly stored under ideal conditions. Our staff is well trained in the proper storage and security of your child's DNA, ensuring the sample will be useable should an emergency occur.

For your investment of $95, you will receive the Peace of Mind that comes with protecting your child. You will also receive a handy identification card to keep in your wallet, providing you with quick and easy access to Determigene's toll-free number should an emergency arise. In addition, you will also receive a customized DNA Safeguarding certificate with your child's name and safeguarding number, ideal for storing with your child's important documents. You will receive the identification card and certificate within four weeks of sending your child's sample to Determigene.

How DNA Safeguarding Works:

Step 1: Collect your child's DNA sample in the privacy of your home using the simple cotton cheek swab provided.
Step 2: Mail your DNA sample to Determigene in the envelope provided.
Step 3: Your child's DNA sample will be preserved in a secure, climate-controlled facility.
Step 4: You will receive an identification card with Determigene's toll-free number should an emergency arise.
Step 5: You will also receive a DNA Safeguarding certificate with your child's name and safeguarding number, as well as our full contact information.

DNA Safeguarding can allow your child's DNA sample to be compared against evidence samples to assist in tracking your child's location, possibly aiding in the safe return of your child.

Test for DNA Safeguarding DNA Safeguarding - Self Collected

Order this Self-Collection Kit and complete the collection process in the privacy of your own home.
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