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DNA Family FindTM

Let DNA find your birth relative! For a limited time, you can get DNA Family Find for only $195. Call 877-DNA-1DNA today to find your birth relative using DNA.

DNA Family Find is the world's first DNA reunion registry designed exclusively for reuniting adoptees and their birth parents. With the power of DNA identification, you can successfully reunite without knowing any information about the birth relative you are searching for. You just submit your DNA sample to the DNA Family Find registry and if there is a successful match then you have found the one you've been searching for - it's that simple.

How DNA Family FindTM Works:

Step 1: Collect your own DNA sample in the privacy of your home using the simple cotton cheek swab provided.
Step 2: Mail your DNA sample to IDENTIGENE in the envelope provided.
Step 3: Your unique DNA profile will be created and added to the registry, where it will be compared to profiles of all other participants to determine if there is a match.
Step 4: A report including your DNA profile will be generated, and you will be informed as to whether or not your DNA profile matched any of the existing profiles in the registry upon its entry.
Step 5: Your DNA profile will remain in the registry for a full five years, and will be compared to all new DNA profiles added to the registry during that time. If a DNA match is found, both parties will be notified using the contact information provided.

Your DNA could help you find your biological relative, so register today - your future is waiting.

Call us today to see if DNA Family Find is appropriate for your situation, or click here to begin the testing process today and you could be reunited with your biological family in just a couple of weeks!

DNA Family Find - Self Collected

Order this Self-Collection Kit and complete the collection process in the privacy of your own home.
Our Price: $195.00  FREE SHIPPING!
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