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Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate is DNA Testing?
DNA Testing is the most accurate technology available for determining paternity and other family relationships. Paternity/Maternity results will be either 0% or 99.9+%. Siblingship results are defined as a likelihood percentage. Our lab will continue to test additional genetic markers until a definitive result is achieved.

How can I schedule Testing?
You may schedule your appointment directly from our locations page or call a Determigene DNA testing consultant @ 1-877-362-1362. We will customize the arrangements for your specific needs.

What about confidentiality?
Information of any kind regarding a case will not be released to anyone other than the tested parties and their named representatives without written authorization. All records are stored in a secure facility.

How long does the test take?
Maternity/Paternity reports will be completed in 1 business day upon receiving the samples. Siblingship reports will be completed in 3 business days upon receiving the samples.

How do I pay for the test?
Payment for testing can be made by VISA, MC, AMEX, or DISC right over the phone. If you do not have a bank card, we can arrange for you to pay by money order or a pre-paid card. Results will not be released until full payment has been received.

Is the mother always tested?
No, the mother is not required to be tested. Including the mother in a paternity test, will increase the accuracy of your results by approximately only 1/1000%. We do recommend including the mother for half siblingship DNA testing. This will definitely help to achieve a more definitive result.

Does the child have to be a certain age to have a DNA test?
No, a baby’s sample can be collected right after birth from a simple cheek swab collection.

Do I need a Doctor’s or Lawyer’s order?
No, most of our clients order and schedule testing over the phone directly from our DNA Testing consultants. If you want us to communicate with any involved relatives, doctors, or attorneys you must authorize us to do so.

What if the tested parties live in different cities? Must they go in together?
For non-legal testing, we can mail the kits separately directly to your home. For legal testing, we can setup separate appointments at any one of our nationwide network of certified DNA collection offices. Determigene DNA Testing consultants will coordinate the timing and arrangements for all tested parties.

How will I receive my test results?
Once the results are completed and your case is paid in full, we will call you, email you, and mail the documents to the address(s) you specify. The report is a confidential document that has a scientific description of the genetic patterns determined for each individual.

How much does a paternity test cost?
Our non legal paternity test costs $195.00. This test is NOT court-admissible. Our legal, court-admissible paternity test costs $395.00.

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